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Charlotte Daems

Charlotte could be described in a number of ways, usually depending on who you ask. Some say she’s hard working with a silly sense of humour. Others say she’s got the messiest bedroom East of London. Many know she’s ‘young, scrappy and hungry’ with a love of all things geeky and a passion for writing. Everyone agrees that she’s the most optimistic teenager they know.
As a self confessed geek Charlotte is proud to love Dr Who, Agatha Christie and Greek Mythology.

Welcome to the kindness project. The podcast designed to share stories of kindness and explore how kindness can make positive change in all of our lives. This podcast has one clear goal, to share ideas on how all of us might just become a little bit kinder. You see we believe that kindness is contagious and hopefully by sharing ideas about the small things we can all do to be slightly kinder we can make people happier and be a little happier ourselves.

You see we also believe that kindness is also selfish. Not only does being kinder make other people feel better it also makes us feel better too…and hopefully by sharing a few ideas about kindness we’ll make the world a slightly happier place.

However the reality is that we can’t do this without you. So feel free to share your stories of kindness by tweeting us at @holakindness and by emailing


Chris Daems

Chris can be described in a bunch of different ways. Some of them are even quite complimentary.

He’s a dad of two girls, a husband of just the one wife, an author of one book so far with another on the way, a business owner and a man on a mission to become just a little bit kinder. Chris is a lover of computer games, chess and is an incessant reader but to counterbalance his supremely geeky tendencies he also likes running, travel and music. He’s also quite curious…in more ways than one.

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