Why my luck has driven me to abseil down Londons 15th tallest building…

I consider myself incredibly lucky in a bunch of different ways.
However the main reason I consider myself amazingly fortunate dwarfs all others in their importance. You see…
I have two healthy happy children.
(We’ll, I say happy…Let’s change that to ‘mostly happy’ or maybe as happy as a teenager and an incredibly assertive 5yr old can be!)
I know that I’m lucky because I’ve seen how tough it is for mums and dads who aren’t as lucky enough as me and probably you.
You see for Parents whose kids suffer from serious or life limiting illnesses the worries they face make my concerns about my kids fade into nothingness.
That’s why I’m raising some cash for Richard House this year. The work they do for children with serious and life limiting illnesses is amazing and the support they give to the parents of these children is awe inspiring to say the least.
So, as you may know (I may have mentioned it once or twice), in a couple of weeks I’m abseiling down Broadgate tower. Now Broadgate tower is quite a tall building (the 15th tallest in London) so whilst I’m looking forward to the challenge I’m determined to complete it to ensure that we raise some much needed cash to help fund the fine work Richard House do.
So, I’m asking for your help. A donation small or large to support me to support Richard House would be hugely appreciated and you can donate here:-
I look forward to seeing your donation and thank you in advance!

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