What I learned about marketing from ‘Vetulio’s way’

It’s the summer of 2014 and the my girls and I are on our summer holidays.

We’d visited Rome and taken a train to Florence where we started the second leg of our Italian adventure.

It was hot. An Italian noon in summer hot.

So by the time we’d walked the 10 minutes from the station to our hotel carrying cases through the cobbled streets we all needed a few minutes rest before we went exploring.

It was at this point that Cassie spotted Gelati del Bondi, a Gelato shop  just over the road from our hotel.

We went over and sat down on the seats outside of the shop whilst deciding to order.

That’s when Vetulio Bondi, the owner of the Gelato shop, wandered over…

He was friendly. He had an enthusiasm you can’t fake as he showed off the flavours the kids could choose from. He obviously loved what he did. However what he did next stuck in my mind and created one of the most enduring memories of our itallian holiday..

You see Vetulio asked to take my phone from the table.

When I confirmed it was Ok he turned on the camera, shouted “Selfie!” and took a photo of him, Charlotte, Cassie and I! (Sophie was too busy eating her gelato to get involved!)

He then handed us a card and said…

“You can find us on facebook here….feel free to add the photo to our page!”

Now whilst it’s likely that Vetulio probably doesn’t remember the Daems family visit to his shop…I think this particular gelato man is pretty cool (no pu….ok, only a slight pun intended) on a bunch of different levels.

Firstly he created a positive experience by being so¬†friendly, enthusiastic and warm. I think often in business we miss the simple stuff and this is one of the things which is sometimes missing…

Secondly he gave us a memento of our experience (via the selfie he took). One we can look back on and remember the experience as the memory fades…


Thirdly, he made that memento shareable…not only with our facebook friends and family but also on his page!

We added our photo onto his page and became curious on the other photos which had been posted. What did we find, you guessed it…

Photos of other people enjoying their holidays, their time in Florence and Gelato at Vetulio’s place.

Now I don’t profess to be an expert in using social media, or an expert in business marketing “Vetulio’s way” seems like a pretty smart (and low cost) method of promoting your business..

First create great experiences. 

Then provide a memento of this experience. 

and Finally, 

Make this memento shareable...

Now I’d admit this works more naturally in certain businesses than others but one things for sure…

Without doing what Vetulio did I doubt if I’d remember my particular visit to this particular Gelato store…

So, how could you use ‘Vetulio’s way’ to help promote your business?

You can find out more about Vetulio and his Gelato store here

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