Why I’m being locked up (for a good cause)

If you’re anything like me you’ve never been ‘inside,’in the slammer’ or ‘banged up’.

You probably wouldn’t choose to either!

However, and for one day only, I’m choosing to be locked up!

Now thankfully I’m not being locked up in Belmarsh or Wormwood Scrubs but actually in an ex prison which is now a converted hotel in the middle of Shoreditch (apparently the cells in the building used to hold the Kray brothers)

I’ll be wearing prison garb and apparently will only be let out of ‘prison’ (with a bunch of fellow business owners who have also decided to take part) once we’ve raised enough cash for a fantastic charity…

The charity in question is Transitions UK which helps support young people who might struggle with entry into the adult world.

This includes young people with learning disabilities, young people leaving care and young people with mental health issues.

Last week I spoke to Ron (the chief executive of Transitions UK) and it’s clear that the work they do is changing young peoples lives in a profoundly positive way. You can find out a lot more about the work they do here.

So I’m going to get locked up for a day to raise some awareness for a great cause…and hopefully raise a bit of cash too.

I’m going into ‘jail’ next Tuesday (the 22nd of November 2016) and it’s likely you’ll see me pop up on social media throughout the day to promote the event and raise some money for such a fantastic cause!!

If you’d like to see me released (or perhaps locked up for a little longer) you can donate here. Please put your name on the donation and I’ll make sure I send you a thank you video on the day!

I look forward to your support…

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