Book Review : Blending, Vietnam and how ideas spread.

Over the last few days I’ve been reading about how ideas spread.

So, without further ado, let’s crack on with my latest of my book reviews…

Contagious by Jonah Berger (8)

For some time now I’ve been fascinated by how ideas catch on. How some concepts catch on and why so many good ideas just don’t seem to get traction.

Why do some Youtube videos get shared millions of times when most flounder in obscurity?

Why do some products or services seem easily shareable when others are lot tougher?


What makes for a “contagious” idea, product, service or piece of content?

Luckily Jonah Berger (in his aptly titled tome) shares some fantastic insights into why ideas might spread…

Having read a decent amount on how we make decisions and judgements there’s a bit within “contagious” which feels familiar. However even for me there were ideas explored in Jonah Berger’s book which provided fresh insight…

Using examples ranging from “Will it Blend“, Expensive foodstuffs, and Beer the book explains the ‘6 rules’ of content, product or service contagion.

From how we share things that make us look good (social currency), to why it’s easier to share things at the top of our minds (triggers), to why and when something is more visible it’s more shareable (public) through to why ‘useful’ stuff is easier to share (practical).

Finally Jonah explores why stories are so powerful in sharing ideas…

In an interesting epilogue the book explains why so many manicurists in America are originally from Vietnam, why this as a profession of choice has ‘spread’ so widely and why this phenomenon isn’t unique.

I know I’m going to use the lessons in “Contagious” (I’ve already been thinking about how to apply some of the concepts) and therefore I’d recommend you take a look…

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