Book Review : Scared of something different

Scared of something different (45)

by Keith Churchouse

Having read a couple of Keith’s’ books I was pleasantly surprised to receive a copy of his new tome, ‘Scared of something different’ through the post earlier this year.

You see whilst his previous books, ‘Sign here, here and here…the journey of a financial adviser’ and ‘The recession is over – Time to grow’ were about the past and present.

His new book is more about what Keith sees as the future of business and shares insights into what he has done in his own business to innovate, change, develop and grow.

There’s plenty of useful and practical tips in the pages of ‘Scared of something different’ and lessons Keith has learned from both the development of his financial planning practice and his online financial planning offering

It’s also a surprisingly honest book. I for one understand the cathartic nature of writing however sometimes the most revealing elements of my writing get lost in the editing process. I like the fact that Keith has kept some of the mistakes he has made in the journey of business ownership and particularly throughout the process of innovating his business in the pages of this book.

On the whole I really enjoyed this book and learned a lot from it. It provides an interesting perspective on the factors businesses large and small will have to consider to survive in the next few decades and part of the blueprint to get there.

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