Book Review : Habit Stacking

Habit Stacking – 97 small changes which take five minutes or less (49)

by S.J Scott

Whilst 2016 has been a bit of a rubbish year when you view it from the prism of political instability or celebrity deaths…I must admit I’ve loved 2016!

My health has improved, I’m reading (and writing) more than ever before, I’m loving the time I spend with my family and the business is evolving as it should (although on all of these counts I’m working hard to ensure we remain on track)

Whilst I can’t put my finger on one thing I’ve done which has meant that I’ve enjoyed 2016 so much…one of the things which springs to mind is the fact that I’ve improved many of my habits. I exercise early in the morning virtually every day, I read every night and I try to continuously see what small changes I can make to make improvements.

That’s why when Cassie purchased ‘Habit Stacking – 97 small changes which take five minutes or less’ I was intrigued and picked it up.

This book, written by seemingly prolific self publisher and blogger SJ Scott, didn’t rock my world. It didn’t contain any ‘game changing’ ideas but instead was full of practical tips into potentially improving specific areas of your life.

From tips about health, relationships and money all the way thorough to a technique on making gradual improvements by ‘small chunking’ habits it’s a useful book as a reminder of some of the things you might want to adopt as habits in your own life

It’s also short (I read it in a couple of hours) so it’s worth picking up if you’ve got a couple of hours you might want to fill (I’m thinking a train or plane ride somewhere over Christmas!)…

So whilst ‘habit stacking’ isn’t a classic by any means and won’t change your life…it will be a nice reminder of how you might improve some aspects of your life today.

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