Book review: Gaudi Biography

Gaudi Biography (38)

On the Daems families recent trip to Barcelona one thing stood out about this beautiful Spanish city than any other.

The Architecture.

The often unique, sometimes strange, always interesting architecture.

I’ve often heard the the biggest tip you can give someone vising London is ‘look up’. A lot of the beauty of London is in it’s buildings which can often be missed if you’re staring at the ground. Barcelona is no different.

However unlike London Barcelona has one individual who has had more influence on how the buildings of Barcelona are seen than anyone else…

That individual is Antoni Gaudi.

So, after visiting a bunch of Gaudi’s buldings (There are plenty scattered around Barcelona but the Segrada Familiar and Park Guell are the ones which stood out for me) I thought it’d be interesting to understand a bit more about this particular architectural geniuses life…

You see Gaudi was born to a family of artisans in relatively humble beginnings. He started his work in his home town but really bloomed when he moved to Barcelona and his artistic freedom was enabled by a number of wealthy benefactors who supported him in his work.

However whilst his story is interesting (as well as achieving a number of great things he also suffered from plenty of tragedy in his life) what fascinated me the most was his obsessions.

You see this biography explains his fascination with religion, his commitment to complete the Segrada Famalia and the pain he suffered when projects didn’t go his way.

This biography was an illustrated version and as you’d expect it doesn’t go into particular depth of any part of Gaudi’s life but is full of beautiful pictures of Gaudi’s work both in Barcelona and beyond…

It’s relatively well written but the translation from the original Spanish did feel clunky at times…and it’s not a book you’re going to find yourself putting on your list of ‘greats’ any time soon.

However for an interesting insight into the life of an incredible man, and especially if you’re planning a trip to Barcelona any time soon, this book might fit the bill…

You can pick up a copy of this book here…

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