Book Review – The Fog

The Fog (40)

by James Herbert

In the first couple of pages of this book you’d assume that instead of a graphic gruesome story of terror you’re reading a book about life in a quaint English village.

That assumption doesn’t last long and suddenly you find yourself in the middle of a story which starts with an earthquake and then continues to become more extreme!

You see from the crack created by the Earthquake rises the titular fog. A fog which turns the animals (including humans) it touches into super aggressive or self destructive shells of their former selves.

I like this book.

It’s imaginatively written and James Herbert obviously has a penchant for the darkly amusing and morbidly bizarre. From the killer cows and pigeons all the way through to the unexpected sea scene as the dark impact of the fog seems to continue to escalate

However the final few chapters of the book is where the escalation rises to a climax where ‘the fog’ having ravaged the countryside and the seaside hits London.

It’s also worth saying that there are elements of the book which have obviously dated.

Whilst some of the book could have been written last week there are elements where it’s age was obvious, especially when one of the characters buys a round of drinks in a pub, the barman takes his cut, and the purchase of the round gets change from a quid!

I won’t say any more (in case you might want to read this particular book) however you’ve probably gathered by now that this particular book isn’t for children, the squeamish or anyone with a heart condition!

If you like a rip roaring thriller of a read with a morbidly dark sense of humour then I’d suggest that ‘The Fog’ might be worth picking up.

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